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Uni-Verse Podcast

13. December 2018 Present Perfect: Day 13

Present Perfect: Day 13

One companion lost, another one found and ditched again! So it goes! And so we go into Day 13!

Present Perfect: Day 12

Carmen and Peter have made it past the fearful doorman into the party - but what trials and tribulations will await them there? You're just one click away from finding out!

Present Perfect: Day 11

Day 11 has got everything - obstacles, wit and a bang! Tune in again to see how it all continues!

Present Perfect: Day 10

A monumental challenge approaches Sarah and Peter - how will they master it? Together, I am sure!

Present Perfect: Day 9

I can hear it tingling behind this door! It's the merrygoround, complete with Sarah and Jamie, having the best (and worst) of times!

Present Perfect: Day 8

Another day, another open door into the world of Present Perfect! Carmen and Peter prove no match for Bergenswergen's joking powers and Peter's morality is suddenly called into question...

Present Perfect: Day 7

Now separated, our heroes still face the same problem: uncooperative salespeople! Find out how they master the challenge on day seven of Present Perfect!

Present Perfect: Day 6

Only just formed, the gang has already split up again! What wonderful and ghastly things will await Sarah and Jamie on the weird market? Tune in to find out!

Present Perfect: Day 5

Carmen, Sarah, Peter and Jamie find themselves stranded on an otherworldly Christmas market - What on earth happened? Will they fin their way out? And what does the Gray Lady have to do with all of it? Find out in today's episode of Present Perfect!

Present Perfect: Day 4

Today we leave one world - and enter another! Follow our heroes as they finally join up and begin their journey!