Uni-Verse Podcast

Uni-Verse Podcast

Present Perfect: Day 20

Present Perfect: Day 19

With our heroes reunited, their grand closing performance is now fast approaching! What does fate have in store for them? Find out, behind door 19 of Present Perfect!

Present Perfect: Day 18

Tensions come to a head today on Present Perfect! How will Jamie's confrontation of Peter go? What will the Watchawannacallems be up to this time? Only one way to find out - click play!

Present Perfect: Day 17

Pragmatic alliances are the start to any good friendship! Or so I've heard anyway - you'll have to listen to today's episode of Present Perfect to find out for yourself!

Present Perfect: Day 16

Oh how the time flies - day sixteen already! The days might be flyign by, but the Watchawannacallems are still their old, uncooperative selves - join Sarah in her Christmassy struggles, and maybe your pre-christmas stress will feel less severe?

Present Perfect: Day 15

Whew, the narrator really is a lot again today! But Sarah tries to cheer him up - and is quickly rewarded for her kindness. So tune in, and let the kindness get you in a most christmassy mood!

Present Perfect: Day 14

Unexpected paths meet, boundaries are broken, and Sarah does some real good soul searching - so tune in!

Present Perfect: Day 13

One companion lost, another one found and ditched again! So it goes! And so we go into Day 13!

Present Perfect: Day 12

Carmen and Peter have made it past the fearful doorman into the party - but what trials and tribulations will await them there? You're just one click away from finding out!

Present Perfect: Day 11

Day 11 has got everything - obstacles, wit and a bang! Tune in again to see how it all continues!