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Tara Skurtu Returns!

Tara Skurtu Returns!

Tara is here and she's happy! Back in February, when the world still felt okay, Tara Skurtu came by to host a workshop for the Uni-Verse and came back on the podcast to discuss her writing process, which poets inspire her and how she implements poetry in her day-to-day life.
This episode was recorded on February 28th, 2020.


Cold, tired, and cranky about winter? Tune in to "Shut up and Listen" on Eph U Radio at 5 p.m. and let Becca and Lou's bickering and banter distract you from all that forced holiday cheer. And if drunken shenanigans are had and secrets are spilled on this super-sized christmas broadcast - well, what else would you expect from best friends snowed in by the storm of the century?

Winter Blues

A play sure to warm your hearts, one best accompanied by a mulled wine, about the joy of spontaneous friendship when you need it most. Enjoy!

The Black Snowflake

Did you ever feel like you were different from everybody else? "The Black Snowflake" is a touching fairytale about what it means to belong, written by our very own Evangelista Sie and James Baillie! Join Skadi on her adventure in the land of frost and meet the black snowflake, Atar, who would give everything to become a proper snowflake – and almost loses everything in the process.

An Outcast's Christmas

Three outcasts trapped together on Christmas Eve struggle to solve a Christmas murder. Featuring a young girl’s diary, whiskey, and a Christmas pop single.

Interview with Naana

Livia and Leo complete their two-part interview series with the top two contestants of this year's Uni-Verse Poetry Slam by talking to the winner, Naana, about changing locations, formative experiences and putting your work out there.

Interview with Anna

Livia and Leo sit down with Anna, who came in second place at the Uni-Verse's first-ever poetry slam to talk poetry slamming, political writing and performing.

Interview with Amadea

Charlotte and Leo sit down for a chat with Amadea, the Uni-Verse's social media manager to talk Facebook posts, writing tasks and writing as a job.

Interview with Kevin Potter

Charlotte and Leo had the opportunity to interview Kevin Potter, lecturer at the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Vienna about his work.

Interview with Ricarda

As new members join the Uni-Verse, we get to interview new people! This time Ricarda joined us on the podcast and brought a wonderful poem about teeth!