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The Black Snowflake

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“The Black Snowflake” was written and directed by Evangelista Sie and James Baillie. You can find Eva on facebook and visit her website www.njiru.at. James runs exilian.co.uk, is on Twitter @jubalbarca and on Mastodon @jubalbarca@mastodon.at

Atar was played by Alessa Dullinger. You can find her on facebook.

Hexymmetre and Ane were played by Gerda Eva Goloman. She is also on facebook.

Skadi was played by Tamara Paier. She is in the Students Acting Shakespeare Society (SASS) - check it out!

The Narrator was played by Rowan Bruce.

Fractia and Skadi's mother were played by Susi Göbl.

Original music was provided by Tom Wood. You can find his work under www.twoodmusic.com.

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Visit our website: http://universe.univie.org/

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We released a new book: Get our second anthology, "momentum" at Facultas on Campus, their online shop, Shakespeare and Company and the Anglistik STV.

Get the first anthology on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Beginnings-Uni-Verse-Kreatives-Schreiben-Universit%C3%A4t/dp/390267881X/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1530691246&sr=8-5&keywords=pocket+universeDulGerdFrS


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