Uni-Verse Podcast

Uni-Verse Podcast

Present Perfect: Day 18

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This is a collaborative project between the University of Vienna Creative Writing Society (Uni-Verse) and the Student Acting Shakespeare Society (SASS).

Uni-Verse Homepage: http://universe.univie.org/

SASS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sassvienna/

Sarah Phan was played by Tamara Paier

Carmen Gato was played by Louise Marie Prack

Peter Fitzgerald was played by Max Liebetreu

Jamie Resnik was played by Dominik Padrta

Katschaka Watschaka was played by Aleandra Mevec

The Watchawannacallem Vendor was played by Tamara Paier

The harp was played by Carrie Wittmann

This episode was written by Philipp Kroiss

Editing by Leonhard Engelmaier


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